Surrogacy is a deeply humane cooperation act. In fact, it is the adoption of a child, but genetically it’s your child! This «science fiction» has become a reality today. The number of children who would not see the light under other circumstances is enormous. The same is the number of questions around this particular topic. We’ll answer the most important ones. And explain why Miami is probably the best place on Earth for the surrogacy program.

What is the surrogacy?


A surrogate mother (surrogate) is a woman who becomes pregnant, carries and delivers a baby for other couple – authorized parents. Surrogacy can be partial or complete. The egg cell donor in the first case is a surrogate mother, so in fact she is the genetic mother. In the second case of a complete surrogacy the egg and sperm are provided by authorized parents. The fertilization is performed by the IVF method.

Commercial surrogacy involves mother remuneration for surrogate services, a non-profit surrogacy, respectively, eliminates the remuneration, at least the notarized one.

Surrogacy in facts and figures

  • The first example of the surrogacy is mentioned in the Old Testament. Abraham’s child was carried by Hagar, a maid, because his wife was empty.
  • The first «test-tube» child was a British girl, Louise Brown born in 1978, more than 600 IVF attempts were made for her birth.
  • 20% of couples in the world cannot give birth to children due to infertility. More than 5 million children were born for over 36 years of surrogacy. Today, they could fully populate Singapore or Ireland.
  • For the last 6 years this method helped to give birth to more children than for all the previous decades combined.
  • Robert Edwards was a creator of the first in vitro fertilization center, he received the Nobel Prize for this.
  • Now couples mainly of 30-32 years turn to surrogacy, ten years ago their age was about 40 years.
  • According to the recent American studies, the couples involved in the surrogacy program, in most cases, are satisfied with the result.
  • An interesting fact: often the “Customer” mother suddenly becomes pregnant herself during the pregnancy of surrogate mother or soon after the birth of a child.

Dispel the main myth


The opponents of this reproductive technology believe that the separation of the newborn and his biological mother causes the severe mental trauma to them both. That’s not true. Scientists have proved that the future child remembers mother’s voice, breathing and movements even being in the womb. However this process starts all over again after the birth. In other words, the child again «falls in love» but in a new mom.

What does the surrogate mother feel at parting with the child? Focus on the psychological stability of a surrogate mother when choosing her, in most cases she passes it on quietly. Everybody should understand that a surrogate mother has no «her» kid, the unborn child is genetically the child of the authorized parents, a child is not genetically related to surrogate mother (in the case of full surrogacy).

In addition, not only a financial issue pushes many women on this act, but also a desire to commit the assistance act, to give the joy of motherhood. Even the feminists’ charges in women exploitation are powerless against this «act».

Potential surrogate mother portrait

Surrogate mother should be a healthy woman mentally and physically under 35 years. She must necessarily have at least one healthy baby and no criminal records. If a potential surrogate mother has a husband, his written consent is obligatory.

States: pro et contra

A practice of commercial surrogacy is legally allowed in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, South Africa and the most of the American states. Non-commercial surrogacy is legally allowed in some states of the US, Australia, Britain, Israel, Canada, Denmark, Spain and the Netherlands. Surrogacy is prohibited in some states of the USA, Austria, Germany, Norway, France and Sweden.

Four tips for prospective parents

  1. Choosing a surrogate mother, find out her destiny, psychological type and motivation that prompted her to this step in advance.
  2. Provide her with the good living conditions: so that this woman could live under your care and control for all 9 months.
  3. Communicate with a surrogate mother and with each other more often so that the child could hear your voices in her womb.
  4. When concluding a contract for the surrogacy program describe the following in it: a specific medical institution, where the in vitro fertilization will be carried out and the pregnancy will be overseen, responsibilities of the surrogate mother to comply with medical prescriptions, giving the newborn to parents immediately after birth and the place of residence during pregnancy.

Why with us in Miami?

The United States is considered to be the most favorable country for a surrogacy program. A Florida, unlike many other states is famous for the loyal relation to it. But the most important thing — the world’s best clinics offering comprehensive services in the forefront for the reproduction, gynecology and obstetrics are located in Miami. The best doctors in the field of reproduction work here.

The unique climate of Miami promotes more effective IVF according to the leading doctors. It’s no surprise that according to statistics, the highest percentage of positive IVF results nationwide is in this state. Florida laws protect the rights of authorized parents, a surrogate mother and a baby. You can be certain of confidentiality. Baby, born here, gets all the legal rights and dual citizenship: the United States citizenship and the Russian Federation citizenship. And what is more important, the prices for this service in Miami are very accessible.

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The birth of a new life is always happiness and wonder. We know how important it is and how it is exciting for you. We’ll do our best to help you to become happy parents!