Stem cells

Cord blood stem cells of your child have a wonderful healing capability. Today the cord blood stem cells are used for the treatment of nearly 80 diseases, including cancers and various diseases of blood; new medical researches continue to expand the field of application of cord blood. Keep your child’s stem cells and you’ll have a direct access to numerous treatment options, if such need ever arises.

Cord Use


One of the biggest banks for cord blood storing uses only the latest technologies and does not stop conducting the scientific research. If a doctor determines that there is a need for cell therapy, the Cord Use company will work with your medical team to provide needed samples and documents for treatment planning. It also will be responsible for the stem cells supply to appropriate medical facilities for your family. It is one of the largest banks for the storage of umbilical cord blood nowadays.

Each part of the company work i.e. the cord blood collection and stem cells storage is developed for the one purpose, to provide the whole family the viable stem cells for the better treatment outcomes, if such ever needed. To that end, the company offers a 100% quality guarantee. This means that in case if your child’s cord blood stem cells do not take root during transplanting, the Cord Use company will pay $ 25,000 to cover the cost for purchasing stem cells from the alternative source.



Cryo-Cell was the world’s first international private bank of cord blood. It was the first to depart and store the stem cells in 1992. Since then, Cryo-Cell retained its leadership position and commitment to high quality having partnership relations with the top research institutes. Narvard’s Dana Farber Cancer Institute is one of them. If you choose a Cryo-Cell company, you join more than 500,000 parents from 87 countries who have already chosen Cryo-Cell, to help to protect the future health of their families. Company employees will help you to sign a multiyear contract and carry out all necessary procedures for quality preservation of the stem cells of your child.