Plastic Surgery in Miami

Plastic surgeons say: «We can easily correct your beauty» offering both women and men to get rid of any imperfections. More than 17 million aesthetic operations are performed every year in the world. We’ll describe you the most popular of them and also why Miami is the best city for working on your appearance.

Liposuction — subcutaneous fat removal

Women of 25 to 45 years prefer to remove the most persistent surpluses on the thighs, abdomen, back, arms and knees with the help of liposuction. The excess tissue during the operation is removed under pressure.

Breast Implants – Breast Enlargement

Those women dreaming of expressive forms make such a plastic. American implants are considered to be the best in the world.

Rhinoplasty – nose shape correction

Nose is an important part of the person’s image and very often it’s the aesthetic problem. One wants to decrease it, other to increase, shorten the tip, remove the curvature, the bump and so on. Rhinoplasty will help them all.

Blepharoplasty – Eyelid correction

The eye circle is the first to grow old, that’s why the blepharoplasty patients are more than 35 years old. The excess skin muscles and adipose tissue are removed from the upper and lower eyelids during the operation.

Facelift – tightening of facial skin

Operation eliminates the mature women from large folds, wrinkles and double chin, makes face oval more clear, corrects age-related neck changes. The doctor tightens and strengthens muscles, lifts and tightens the skin of the face and neck.

Mastopexy — breast lift

Most often women fall back on mastopexy after the breast-feeding when the breasts lose their shape. They make the cuts through which the tissues are raised and fixed above.

Abdominoplasty – Tummy Tucks

Additionally to removing excess fat and skin surgeons sclerose the muscles — abdomen becomes perfect. By the way, American surgeons are famous for their excellent results in this area. About 200 thousand of such operations run each year In the United States.

Plastic surgery in the United States

Пластическая хирургия

All the latest technologies in the field of plastic surgery first appear in the US, and then are sent to the European clinics. Surgical appearance correction in America has the lowest rate of complications and failures, and for a reasonable price — lower than in Europe. Surgeon professional activities are governed by the largest organization of plastic surgeons in the world – ASPS. Moreover, USA has the developed legal and judicial system. Any mistake draws the line under the career of a plastic surgeon, so each of them protects the professional reputation.

Three reasons to make the plastic surgery in Miami

Пластическая хирургия

1. Miami is considered to be a city of unique opportunities in the field of plastic surgery. The best surgeons of the country the most reliable clinics and innovative technologies – all of this is here.

2. You can combine your plastic surgery with a paradise holiday at the oceanside surrounded by a magnificent service. Recovery in the mild Miami climate passes almost unnoticed as soon as possible.

3. We’ll meet you in Miami! Contact us and you can forget about all the difficulties and nuances which foreigners should know to obtain high-quality solutions of their problems. We’ll find you a clinic with an excellent reputation and the leading physicians will help to solve all the household and business issues, organize exclusive leisure during your stay in Miami.