IVF: the happiness for every woman to be a mother

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When only a miracle can present a «meeting» of women and men gametes, this miracle happens! IVF gives a healthy long-awaited baby in 35% of cases. This is the best possible result among all existing assisted reproductive techniques. Do you have doubts and fears? Read our article and do not worry on nothing else!

Typically couples come to the IVF clinic already having no enthusiasm. Probably by that time they’d experienced 2-3 years of fruitless efforts to become parents, changed a lot of doctors, had unconventional therapies and became desperate.

And It’s their loss! IVF-technology really helps to make a conception; it has been successfully used in developed countries for a long time. Method statistics encourages: only 2 or 3 of the IVF procedures help 70% of families to have a baby.

How do they get IVF-kids?

The IVF method is based on the conception outside the mother’s body. Sperm and egg cells «meet» in a Petri dish, a special container with a nutrient medium and the right temperature. Next the most viable embryos are moved into the woman’s body, and the process takes place in a natural way.

IVF will be your salvation, if:

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  • A man is diagnosed with infertility or a woman is diagnosed with tubal obstruction;
  • For unknown reasons conception does not occur (unexplained infertility, when both partners are healthy);
  • If you suffer from immunological infertility (female body produces antibodies destroying man’s sperm);
  • You or your partner have the hereditary diseases, and you want to protect your future child from them. In this case, IVF uses donor material.

Steps of in vitro fertilization

Step #1 — ovulation stimulation

Not one but several follicles with egg cells (at least five) maturate at this step. It involves the injection of a special drug. After two weeks of such stimulation, when the follicles reach the appropriate size, the future mother is injected with HCG for the final egg cells maturation. Then you need to wait for 2 days. Step #2 — paracentesis of ovary

Matured egg cells are removed by means of the puncture needle. Do not be afraid of pain, the surgery is performed under a general anesthesia. A man provides his sperm strictly at the same time. The total genetic material is promptly given to the embryology laboratory to doctors performing fertilization. IVF results will be ready in few days. If a fertilization is successful, one or more embryos are placed into the uterine cavity of the expectant mother. Other optional pair of embryos can be frozen for retry. If pregnancy has not occurred at the first attempt the frozen embryos can be used in the future try.

Do not be afraid to IVF!

The index of the number of children born by IVF with genetic defects tends to 0%.

The science confirms: there is no difference between children conceived naturally, and kids born with the help of in vitro fertilization. The researches were conducted all around the world and no abnormalities were found in these children to this day. Moreover, according to a study of Danish scientists, IVF babies born from the frozen embryos grow even healthier. And that’s not all.

Turning to IVF, parents have the opportunity to reveal not only the child’s sex in advance, but also the possible genetic abnormalities — using the method of pre-implantation diagnosis. Here’s how: before transferring the embryo into the mother’s body the only one cell is taken for the analysis. Risks are determined according to her chromosomes: chromosomal diseases and congenital anomalies. Certainly, only the healthy embryos are used for in vitro fertilization.

Psychologies complement these positive expectations as well. IVF-kids are always more long-awaited and desirable, so parents surround they with the incredible care and affection, pay more attention to education and training. No surprise that these kids often outgrow their counterparts.

A few tips to future parents

  • Avoid taking any medicines during IVF cycle if possible;
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol, limit the caffeinated beverages;
  • Do not change the diet radically;
  • Avoid sex for 3-4 days before follicle puncture;
  • Avoid visiting saunas and bathes and strenuous exercises;
  • Avoid hypothermia.

Get a long-awaited baby in Miami!

Miami is not only a paradise on earth, but also a truly unique and blessed place for parents. Many couples after unsuccessful IVF attempts in Europe and the CIS give birth to their long-awaited babies here. You may ask why here? Miami is the best place for IVF by the combination of factors:

— The world’s best reproductive medicine centers.

Every year they spent a great sum of money on clinics and laboratory equipment, innovations and research in the field of IVF. The most famous physicians of Florida with a huge experience are practicing here.

— The best medical service in the United States.

It is the admitted fact. There’s no other place in the world where future parents are so cherished, as in American hospitals. The procedure takes place in the best possible conditions, and the IVF success rates in Miami are the highest in the country.

— The perfect climate.

According to doctors Miami is the perfect place for conception, pregnancy and child birth with the IVF. This city is considered to be the cleanest place in the United States, the air is saturated with iodine and ozone vital to the future mothers and babies. Organic fruits and vegetables in Miami are not a luxury, they’re sold everywhere, as well as natural products for proper nutrition. A mild tropical climate of Florida, without high temperatures, and the gentle ocean where you can swim all year round. It’s not surprisingly, that woman after delivery is supervised by the physician just for two days in Miami! By the way, that’s why, pregnant women from around the globe come here to give birth.

— US citizenship for the baby.

Your child will receive the citizenship immediately after birth and will be able to enjoy all the social benefits of the country. They include: free education, travel round the world visa-free, it’s not a problem to get the residence anywhere and to make petition for citizenship to relatives.

We’ll help you to do IVF in Miami!

We’ll really help you in every possible way! We’ll not only find the best medical center with the leading doctors and the best indicators of success for you, but will be around during the entire period of your stay in Miami. We’ll provide an interpreter to help with documents, accommodation and any possible difficulties. We closely follow the principle of confidentiality in our work and consider the care of expectant parents in this difficult time to be our most important mission. To get more information about us, please click here.

We know how you dream about a baby! Be ready to face the difficulties in this way remain «combative mood» and do not allow anything to shake your wish to become a parent. We are waiting for you in Miami!