Complete Physical Examination


Medicine development in the USA has reached the highest level. The US clinics are known for their high level of diagnosis methods of complex diseases world’s best specialists work here today. Doctors are concerned about improving their skills as professionals in the medical field; they are highly regarded in America. Scientists also do not stop working on improving aids to help to identify violations in the body at an early stage.

Complete physical study in Miami has many advantages:

  • Body diagnosis will perfectly complement your stay: you’ll pass a complete examination at the best specialists, there is no need to plan a separate trip – just select a few hours that time won’t interfere your pleasant stay in Miami.
  • The local climate is conducive to your well-being, it positively effects on the complete physical examination study: walking under the warm sunshine on the ocean coast, you’ll no longer think about the problems.
  • Professional medical staff cares for your comfort during passing the diagnostic procedures.
  • Modern equipment and the large scientific basis make it possible to obtain the most accurate data.
  • A complete examination survey does not take long; you’ll get your results in short time.

Diagnostic procedures that we’ll help you to undergo

  1. PET / CT is a complex examination it includes a computer and positron emission tomography. When it comes to the treatment of cancer oncologists today stake on the PET / CT effectiveness. Most Americans each year are examined on PET / CT together with the general medical examination. The procedure takes only three hours, but shows the most accurate results.

This examination is the last word in the cancer diagnosis, it allows fully analyze the body condition and identify the irregularities in it, as well as to identify tumors at the early stage. The technique is indispensable; it provides secure control over the changes in the tumor state during the therapy course. In addition PET / CT allows you to make sure that no metastases began to sprout again after the treatment is completed. Examination is also applied in those cases when it is necessary to identify the areas of the heart muscle where blood circulation is impaired, and in the brain diagnosis, including such disorders as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, ischemic disorders. Timely passing of PET / CT can literary save a life: it is possible to identify the smallest tumor and fully recover with this survey.

  1. MRI / MRA — Magnetic resonance imaging and angiography is a painless non-invasive examination of internal organs, muscles, joints and inflamed areas. The procedure helps to diagnose the physical changes in the body on the early stages. MRA allows you to visualize the state of your blood vessels due to the introduction of contrast medium. This helps to identify the vascular disease and control their treatment.
  2. CT / CTA is a computer tomography using which you can identify the deformation of blood vessels (contraction or expansion), identify the atherosclerotic plaques on their walls, receive the accurate information about the abnormal development and condition of the blood circulatory system. The procedure also allows to see the processes taking place in different parts of the brain in the X-rays images.
  3. Ultrasound examination shows the actual condition of the internal organs. Using it, you can identify the changes of tissues borders, identify neoplasms (tumors and concrements), pathologies of large vessels (contraction or expansion).
  4. Mammography can detect the pseudinoma and other changes in the breast that may indicate the breast cancer. Thanks to early diagnosis it is possible to avoid the complete removal of the prostate and complex chemotherapy.
  5. Densitometry is a scanning of bone mineral density. Such an examination of the lower part of the spine and hip bones helps to diagnose osteoporosis and assess the risk of fractures.

We are able to provide you with a complete physical examination in the best proven clinics of Miami. Highly qualified neurologists, cardiologists, surgeons and other specialists will help you get detailed information about the state of your body and take care of the correct interpretation of results.

Our company takes over the entire process. We help our clients to find the clinic and the doctor, to select apartments to stay in Miami, guides you during the whole period of your stay, providing not only the examination procedure, but also a complete rest. In addition, we provide an interpreter, in order to make you feel completely comfortable. If necessary, we can develop a complete plan for the events organization. Everything to make your stay in Miami more productive.