Miami is a holiday-city. All the year round it is ready to give you a heaven climate with turquoise-blue sky and the warm ocean. It’s always a unique place to have fun, relax, or resolve your business issues in a pleasant atmosphere. It is obvious that Miami has become a popular venue for celebrations and events. People come here from all over the USA to celebrate a birthday among friends. Business meetings are also conducted in Miami with the entrepreneurs from around the world. Brides dream about hotels and beaches of South Florida planning a fabulous wedding.

But how not to drown in the ocean of possibilities? How not to make a mistake in choosing the event style and correctly consider all the details: from the hotel booking, original script creating, to accommodation of guests? FAMILYRUSA offers professional assistance in organizing your perfect holiday in Miami.

Event of any complexity


Atlantic Ocean shore is the perfect place to organize a dream wedding. This may be a small ceremony, full of tenderness and magic, only the closest people will be present; or it may be a larger celebration for a few hundreds of guests, like royal ceremony. Just imagine: sun shines and white sand is under your feet, the sound of the surf. The very nature blesses your love!

Depending on your wishes we can complement your holiday with a yacht trip or a private jet flying over Miami. A wedding cruise to the Bahamas will also be a memorable event.

Stag and hen parties

Miami is a place where you can organize the most memorable, most energetic and original party! This city has become one of the most famous in the USA for the number of different ways to have fun. It offers clubs, parties on the beach or parties on a yacht, bars with rooftop pools, offering a unique view. Here we’ll arrange a bright party for you where everything is thought out to the last detail for the fabulous night.

Birthdays and anniversaries

You want to present an unforgettable holiday for your closest people? You are able to satisfy any tastes for the birthday party for any age and gender in Miami. There are best restaurants, apartments and ceremonial rooms in luxury hotels, tents for outdoor celebrations, all of this is at your service. Depending on the specific requests, we can fill your holiday with the numerous programs. In addition FAMILYRUSA is well-versed in what a child might like, so we offer the unique conditions for children’s parties.

Yacht trips

Try to complete the grueling business negotiations or a romantic evening with a loved one with a trip on a yacht? This is a great opportunity to spend time in the informal surroundings to relax with a family or friends. Yacht is a chance to add a charming flavor to your trip to Miami. Moreover everything you need will be prepared for you to feel comfortable during your trip.

Pledge of successful holiday


FAMILYRUSA is specialized in organizing different events. Our specialists are perfectly oriented in a variety of places for events. We’ve got a database of photographers and cameramen ready to shoot your holiday guests and happy smiles. In addition, we have an opportunity to organize catering from the best chefs in Miami anywhere. What is the secret of our success in the holiday planning? We do not offer you a ready-made solution, script and pre-designed standard scheme. We go into the details of your story, carefully listen to all suggestions and create exactly the option that will be perfect for you.

The way to organize an unforgettable celebration

Yes, Miami is a city of opportunities. If you have a lot of spare time, you are patient and at the same time, a very quick person and like to deal simultaneously a million questions, and keep in mind the huge amount of information, you can plan and carry out any action on your own. On the other hand, FAMILYRUSA allows you to enjoy your holiday at 100% and forget about worrying about the details and little things, perfecting the event organization.