Advanced Cosmetology: Made in Miami


Beauty standards in the XXI century require the 40-year-old women to be young, and the young women to be flawless. Modern cosmetology makes it possible! And this is the exact case when beauty does is not painful, because there’s no scalpel in its «hands». Read about today’s most popular procedures that the world’s best experts perform in Miami.

Facial cosmetology

Miami is not only a colorful city with an exciting ocean and clean air, but it’s also the undisputed leader in providing cutting-edge cosmetology services. The most popular experts from across the country secure classic and innovative technologies and extremely high service are here for you! What could be better than to pamper yourself with beauty treatments in the atmosphere of the most famous resort in the world? Choose the best!

Botulinum toxin injections.

This procedure «erases the age out of your face». Injections smooth the horizontal forehead wrinkles, creases between the eyebrows and «crow’s feet», lift the corners of the mouth.

Injections of hyaluronic acid.

This fills and levels the wrinkles and nasolabial furrows, increases the lips volume. It’s used in those face areas not available to Botulinum.


All the modern peeling types are the face cleaning procedures completely removing the top layers of hard skin. You’ll get a silky smooth skin tone, without wrinkles and roughness.


Pulsed light activates the natural skin reserves and improves the collagen synthesis. Photorejuvenation solves three main problems: smoothes wrinkles, removes age spots and fine vascular network.


Microscopic crystals are shot to the skin at high speed, they remove the dead skin cells. This is the most soft and painless skin resurfacing, activating cell regeneration.


This is the filler injection with the hyaluronic acid, they are made to the middle layers of the skin. They smooth out the creases, wrinkles and scars. Biorevitalization improves skin color, texture, it moisturizes the skin and provides a lifting effect.

Laser therapy.

The laser is aimed on the dark pigment – melanin, it stimulates the growth of new healthy cells. The procedure removes spots on the face, thread veins, scars, broken capillaries, fine lines and wrinkles.

Postpartum Body Cosmetology

If you came to give a birth to your child in Miami, use your case: Let the world’s leading cosmeticians help you after the delivery. There’s a favorable climate for early recovery in Miami, you can find many top-level centers, where the woman’s beauty is perfected after the childbirth. The three most important procedures for young mothers:

Dermotoniya over the body

is a vacuum-roller massage, during which the skin tone increases, swelling goes away and the cellulite is «erased».

Mesotherapy against varicose veins.

The intradermal drugs injections strengthen the veins walls, improve lymph flow and microcirculation. Some drugs are used even during lactation.

Laser striae resurfacing

is a laser peeling which produces a stunning effect.

The laser beam removes the top skin layer of cells resulting in regenerated skin and streamers «evaporation».

What can we do for you?

«Land of flowers on the ocean beach» (Florida is called like that) was created for giving beauty and youth to women from all around the world. We’ll make your stay comfortable, productive and safe: solve all issues of apartment rental and selection of cosmetology center and beauty professionals.