Help children


All actions of the FAMILYRUSA are aimed on helping people in solving different problems and challenges. However children at risk need the support most of all. In most cases these are the seriously ill children and the disabled children. It is in order to help them, we’ve created a FAMILYRUSA charity fund. The goal of this fund is to give a belief in a happy, healthy future to these children. To achieve this goal, we provide financial assistance in the treatment of various diseases, as well as provide all possible assistance to parents and guardians that contribute to the solution of social problems.

Saving the life of a child depends on you and us


The Capital of the FAMILYRUSA Fund was formed from the money received from advertising on our channel, FAMILYRUSA, and partly from the company’s revenue and form your donations, 100% of those are directed to pay for expensive surgeries for children. Costs for fund’s administrative activities are fully covered by incomes from the work in other areas of the company.

If you want to help children


You can join the hundreds of our clients and partners who are aware of the charity importance in saving the lives of children. In order to contribute to a happy future for our children, it‘s enough to make the desired amount to the Fund:
Transfer funds from any credit card that is listed in the payment system without PayPal registration (“Pay” section with a debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit).

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