FAMILYRUSA provides you an opportunity to rent or buy a decent car, it will be a faithful friend both for your work and during your travel. If your personal car temporarily stayed abroad you cannot use it, we are ready to provide you a large list of cars for rent for any period. FAMILYRUSA can arrange the car purchase at the auction at the best prices in the US. We can also assist you in choosing new, used and classic car fully meeting your requirements.

Organization of the vehicle transportation


FAMILYRUSA arranges the shipment of your car to any port in Germany, Finland, the UK, Australia and other countries. Do you want to get your car as quickly as possible? Use the unique service: urgent car transfer by plane from the United States. This will give an opportunity to save time. With our help the transportation of your car to another city, state or country will be performed as soon as possible and without any problems. FAMILYRUSA will take care of all the documents.

Immaculate condition of your car fleet


Upon arrival to the USA, you probably will need a personal vehicle, so you can feel more comfortable, visit the most remote corners of the country. FAMILYRUSA will help you not only to rent or buy a car, but we also will take care of the necessary documents and maintaining technical condition of the car. Any questions related to the car exploitation, and its repair will be resolved promptly and professionally. Our task is to make sure that your journey has brought you a real pleasure.